Ten Different Types of Romantic Relationships

When you fall in love with someone and get into a relationship, you can’t really predict what direction the relationship will take. While it’s everyone’s dream to have a perfect relationship, it doesn’t always turn out that way. To ensure that you increase your chances at love, it’s important that you first understand your objectives of getting into a particular relationship.
Here are a few of the different kinds of romantic relationships you may find yourself in.
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1. Flirty relationship
A flirty relationship can simply be defined as the kind of relationship whose key objective is being more of friends than lovers with your partner. It starts out innocently, maybe with just a wink here, a coy smile there, a couple of drinks out and hugs that keep growing seconds longer. More often than not, this kind of relationship develops to become a romantic relationship. However, in most cases, a flirting relationship can grow in one of the two ways – love or friendship. The worst cases scenario is you both fall apart forget the idea of either a friendship or love.

2. Independent relationship
It is not bad to be independent. However, being in a relationship requires some degree of sacrifice and commitment. Independence is not one of the qualities you’re looking to show off to your partner. Sure enough, you and your partner require a certain level of independence that will allow you to maintain healthy distance and not develop co-dependency. However, total independence in a relationship might not be healthy at all.

3. Co-dependent relationship
In this kind of relationship, you and your partner cannot function without each other. You should both have independence, but to a point.On the flip side, not being able to be distant from your partner is also a problem. Co-dependency limits your ability to function. It causes undue stress. You’d be wise to avoid developing co-dependency in any relationship.

4. Open relationship
An open relationship is a type of relationship where you and your partner are emotionally committed to each other, but both are free to engage in sexual relationships with other people outside your relationship. In most cases, couples that get into these sorts of relationships do it because one or both are not ready to be fully committed to the other.

5. Asexual relationship
This is a type of relationship where both partners are sexually attracted to each other although one, or more, isn’t interested in sex. A common example of this type of relationship is the case of married couples who have been together for several years but are already bored with making love.

6. Sexual affair relationship
Sometimes known as adultery, this type of relationship is purely physical and plays with societal boundaries, as Carmel Jones from The Big Fling explains. These relationships tend to lack deep emotional connection. Building trust is put on the backburner; it’s a pure wild ride. Sexual infatuation takes over.

7. The distracted relationship
A majority of college sweethearts experience this type of relationship. Both partners love each other passionately but are entirely invisible to each other. This is because they are concentrating on other matters like their career to the extent that they are not able to give each other enough time.

8. Committed relationship
A committed relationship is based on an agreement between you and your partner and involves lots of trust, openness, honesty, and love. This is where partners are dedicated and faithful to each other. A good example of committed relationships is that between married couples or people who are just dating but determined to get married someday.

9. Long distance relationship
For this one, both you and your partner do love each other and are emotionally committed to each other. However, physically, both of you are not in the same geographical location and share very little physical intimacy. In most cases, couples in such relationships will have to deal with some level of jealousy, insecurities, and sometimes suspicion now and then. However, there are some long-distance relationships that are built on total trust.

10. The truly compatible romance 

This is the type of relationship that everyone desires to have albeit very difficult to achieve. It is the only definition of a perfect romantic relationship. You both are compatible, understand each other, and accept each other for who you are. People at times can be envious of your closeness.