Discover Beirut and its Unique Wonders

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Lebanon tourism offers vitality, charm and spirit as well as a very stunning location, the Beirut city. This nation had emerged stronger from a tough history to become an excellent tourist destination complete with great food, superb shopping, remarkable colonial buildings and gleaming sea views. Let us discover Beirut and see what this gateway to Lebanon has to offer:

On the western most part of Beirut is a popular region with something worth checking out for everyone interested in Lebanon tourism. It is the location of the renowned landmark called the Pigeon Rocks, which are huge formations that stand like sentinels on the coast. The area has several great restaurants that serve the tasty local cuisine as well as foreign meals. You can also opt for cliff side restaurants to enjoy the view as you dine for a very remarkable dinging experience.

The cedars of Lebanon are an essential part of Lebanon tourism and are even mentioned in ancient texts like the Bible. This location has played a crucial part in the trade, religious observances, and culture of people in the Middle East. Located on the highest range in the country, the cedars of Lebanon are likely the most expressively beautiful tourist spots. At its centerpiece is a prehistoric cedar grove, which is a tree that is synonymous with Lebanon for millennia.

What makes the cedars of Lebanon stand out is that it is a holiday resort for all seasons. In hot summers, you can discover Beirut and escape the coastal humidity by going to the cedars; while skiing during winter is an enjoyable activity. You can also climb the Black Horn and reach Lebanon’s highest peak.

There are several museums located in Beirut including the National Museum, Archeological Museum, and the Sursock Museum. For modern art and regular exhibitions of sculpture, painting and various other forms of art, discover Beirut and visit the Sursock Museum. If you are interested in learning about the history of Lebanon dating to prehistoric, then you must visit both the national museum and the archeological museum.

One location that rivals the popularity of the cedars of Lebanon is the Corniche, a highly renowned seaside promenade. Coated with green palm trees, this exclusive part of Lebanon tourism offers a scenic view of Mediterranean Sea. Besides from being an enjoyable exercising spot where you can engage in outdoor activities like cycling, skating and running, this location is also great for pole fishing. There are several cafes along the Corniche if you want to take a break from your serene walk. These are only a few of the extensive tourist options that Lebanon tourism has to offer.