It is easy to read the unread WhatsApp messages

The iOs users can go hands free by asking Siri to read the latest messages from the WhatsApp messenger.
Siri is the personal intelligent assistant and knowledge navigator that is part of Apple Inc’s operating systems like Mac Os, Watch Os and TV Os. It uses the natural language interface to perform actions according to the assigned request, make recommendations and answer the questions. As an iOs feature and in its original version, the personal intelligent assistant adapts in accordance with the individual preferences and their language preference with the prolonged usage of the feature and offers each user with unique results.
The latest in store
According to the recent news that revolves around the technology is that the leading instant messenger app has released an update for the iOs devices on April 21st, 2017 that comprises of some changes in the visual effects on the user interface and the ability of the intelligent assistant to read the latest text messages without the user looking at the message.
The latest version of the WhatsApp messenger version 2.17.2 that is available in the App Store has come up with 4 new updates that benefit the iOs users. The users can enable the Siri to work with the instant messenger app by going to the Settings option and choosing Siri and click on the App support and toggle on the messenger app.
Key updates
·         The update enables the app users to select multiple statuses at the same time from the My Updates and the users can either delete or forward statuses.
·         The instant messenger platform supports various languages and with the latest update the app supports Persian languages as well.
·         The app has enhanced the visual interface of the Contacts tab, Group information screen and the calls tab.
·         The intelligent assistant Siri in the iOs app can read out all the latest messages from the messenger app.
When it comes to the Siri update in the messenger platform, it has already allowed its users to create and send text messages via the Siri feature, however, the new update enables the feature to read the message loudly to the user so that the users need not look at the messages while they are driving, cooking, or while working. The feature only works when the users have unread messages in their chat.
To read the unread WhatsApp messages the user must say something to Siri, for instance the user can say ‘hi Siri, please read my WhatsApp messages’ and soon the Siri will respond to the user by reading out the message and it will also prompt the users to compose a new message. And if the users wish to reply to the message, they can dictate the message to Siri and the message is ready to be sent. The important factor is that, Siri cannot read the messages more than once and this feature is available for the users who have iOs 10.3 and more.
While opening any of the tabs like the calls or chats or the Group info screen, the users can view that the display images enlarge as the users scroll downwards and other options present below consist of colorful icons that add some visual treat to the dull interface. The 2 step verification interface makes it easier for the users to set up the camera function and it remembers the last adjustments made by the user. Also, the old voice call icon is modified with a + icon that will display all the contacts present in the contact list.
WhatsApp updates on the iOs
From the beginning of the new millennium 2017, the instant messenger app had released several new updates in the iOs devices that enable the users to queue all the messages they receive during poor network connection. This was the update that already existed in the Android version of the app. The messages that are queued will be represented using the clock icon and by looking at the icon, the user can come to know that the messages are not sent. These messages are automatically sent as soon as the device is connected to the network. In the past, the iOs users had to wait for the data connection and only then will they be able to view the send button. This latest update is available in all the iOs devices of 7 and higher versions.
The other update of the WhatsApp was the ability to send thirty media files at a single time and the support of the GIF from the Giphy. The instant messenger app has an update that manages the storage capacity of all the chats individually and the users can view the space occupied by each chats simply by tapping on the Storage usage tab. The main purpose of this update is that the users can view the Storage capacity of the chat and they can clear the chat and free some storage space, so that they will not find it difficult in the future.
The users can free the space by deleting the older messages, videos, audio messages or GIF messages. The iPhone users have the option to edit the videos, so the users can edit the video clips in the iPhone devices and they can add texts, emojis and they can also draw over the videos. The users can edit the videos that are taken using the app’s camera using their iPhone devices. Already the iPhone users can send Group invite link to the other members in their contact list. However, the users must be careful while sending the Group invite link because the members can view all the chat details of the group.
The iOs version of the instant messenger app introduced the revoke messages feature in its version When the user taps on the revoke option, they can identify all the sent messages. The revoke messages are sent from both the send and receiver’s end, the revoke feature not only works for the text messages, but it also works for the videos and photos.
The instant messenger platform
WhatsApp is the famous messenger app that is widely used by billions of users across the globe. The app is accessed by the users of all age group as it does not require any technical knowledge to send or receive messages through this platform. And the main reason for the app to be popular among the large crowd is the simple user interface. The app was launched in 2009 and it was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for nineteen billion dollars, one of the biggest acquisitions made by the social media network.
The instant messenger app is protected by the end to end encryption feature, so that the messages sent through this medium cannot be read by any other party other than the intended recipient. Furthermore, all the new updates released by the instant messenger platform have the influence of the social media application. The recent update in the iOs platform allows the users to go hands free while doing their work because the Siri feature in the application will automatically read the unread messages found in the platform.

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