Top Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Yogurt, also called yoghurt or yoghourt, is a nutritious food produced by natural bacterial fermentation of milk. Beneficial bacteria in yogurt play an essential part in supporting the function of the body. Our body is vulnerable which is easily attacked by bad bacteria. In fact, yogurt is considered as one of the excellent source of good bacteria bringing to you many health benefits.

Nutrition facts:
Undoubtedly, yogurt contain abundant source of beneficial bacteria in its content.

In one cup of yogurt (plain Greek yogurt), water plays 81% of the total amount. The same amount provides 149 kilocalories and 8.5 g fat to the body
Moreover, yogurt is rich in protein (9% in 100 gram amount) and carbohydrates (4%).
At the same time, a serving of yogurt is regarded as a great house of many essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D, E, K as well as vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

The other considerable components are phosphorus and potassium (233 mg and 380 mg respectively)..

For these properties, yogurt should be considered as a significant healthy food we should store in your fridge to use daily.

Health Benefits of yogurt:
This article will point out some outstanding health benefits of this beneficial food:
1.      Digestion
As mentioned above, yogurt is an amazing source of good bacteria. These bacteria are the main reasons why yogurt helps support the function of your digestion.
Consuming yogurt daily brings to your body various active cultures which play an important role in balancing the intestinal flora. This role makes yogurt become the first thing you may come up with when you get troubles with antibiotic – associated diarrhea.

Moreover, yogurt also helps reduce the risk of constipation as well as other problems with bowel movements.

Therefore, let’s start by eating this delicious food to enhance your digestive system.

2.      Immunity
We can take advantage of yogurt in making your skin look better.
For long, yogurt has been considered as one of the easiest methods in enhancing your skin health condition, including skin tags removal.

Specifically, yogurt provides essential moisture to the skin and contributes to lighten your skin as well.

At the same time, this dairy product helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark circles on your skin, thereby prevent the appearance of acne.

How to apply:

     Prepare a cup of unsweetened plain yogurt
     Apply directly on your skin
     Leave it for at least 20 minutes
     Rinse off with warm water
     Perform this once a week.

3.      Hair health
In modern life, we might not have enough time to take care our hair; so it’s easy to be a tangled mess. You’re advised to use such an incredible ingredient like yogurt to smooth your hair right now.
Due to some bacteria in yogurt play main role in keeping your hair away from some hair problems like dandruff or lice.

How to apply:
     Prepare a cup of unsweetened yogurt
     Rub on your hair from hair root to ends
     Leave for about 20 minutes then wash off with shampoo
     Do this once a week.

4.      Cancer-prevention
It may sound a myth but it has been examined for a long time.
Although it needs more evidence to confirm but according to some studies, yogurt might have some positive changes in fighting against bladder cancer as well as colon cancer.
Therefore, whether you believe or not, consuming yogurt daily is a smart choice to reduce the risk of getting some types of cancer.

5.      Bone health
The next benefit of yogurt mentioned in this list is improving your bone health.
Due to the great source of calcium, that milk plays an important role in bone care has been known for many years. One of dairy products – yogurt has the same impacts on bone, too.
Yogurt contains high amount of protein and calcium, which helps enhance the bone density.
Furthermore, yogurt can work to reduce the risk of osteoposis in the elderly.

6.      Lower blood pressure
Many people witness hypertension as a result of the increase of level of blood pressure. Gradually, they may face cardiovascular disease as a consequence of hypertension.
Among many home remedies for this matter, yogurt is the best. Yogurt helps you control the level of blood pressure as well as keep it remain stable.

This is also found in other milk products and illustrated by many scientists.

7.      Reduce cholesterol
It will be a mistake if you dismiss the next benefit of such a great dairy product. Yogurt has positive impacts on reducing cholesterol.

Thanks to the probiotics in its content, yogurt can act to reduce the number of bad cholesterol as well as interfere the increase of LDL cholesterol.

Moreover, consuming yogurt also helps you regain the control of level of cholesterol in blood.

8.      Bad breath
The last but not least, the list of health benefits of yogurt cannot be fulfilled without this benefit.
Some studies has indicated that yogurt have some effects on oral health due to the presence of various probiotics in its content. Therefore, yogurt may bring to you a fresh breath.

You are advised to consume a cup of yogurt after meals to improve your bad breath.