Tips for regular maintenance of your vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle is essential for keeping it on the road. For those who don’t spend a lot of time under the cover, vehicle service can be aggressive, but it does not have to be. The given basic maintenance tips can assist you to keep your vehicle running in good condition even if you are new to the repair shop.

Basic safety checks for the vehicle

Check all the outer lights are working properly. This can be simply done in the repair shop by checking their reflection against the walls and they will service it.
Test that the windscreen cloth and washers perform efficiently.
Check the handbrake to make sure it 'holds' the vehicle on steep hills.
Check the condition of the seats and the seat belts. Make sure the screen is not used, damaged or sun lightens. Test the mechanism by giving the belt an acute tug to make sure it locks or not.
Check the tyre pressures regularly, condition of the wheels, speed and the tread wear and also the depth.
Watch for the oil or the coolant spots on the parking floor.  These could show an emerging problem to the vehicle.

Maintaining your vehicle

Your vehicle also needs the maintenance duty that is performed less repeatedly but is essential to admitting your automobile to live a long life and effective life and the Automotive Repair Sonoma County helps to repair your vehicle at the core. These works include oil changes, tire rotations, checking break condition, and the other things.

Check the Engine Oil of the vehicle

Do it frequently monthly for a vehicle in good condition and it is necessary to do; more often if you observe an oil leak or find you want to add oil usually. The vehicle should be parked on the balanced ground so you can get a definite gauge reading. Don’t compress. And if you do have found any leak, just find and fix it as soon as possible.

Clean brake dust off usually

Brake dust having all the type of dirty stuff. If you leave it for too long, the mixture of road grime, moisture and the heat from your brakes of the vehicle will melt it onto your wheels. Brake dirt usually attaches to the wheels with the static electricity so a wet sponge and clear it with the cold water is the best method to get it off the heat.

Check your tyre pressures

Check your tyre pressures properly at least once a week is perfect. Bad tyre pressures can cause the fuel care, maintaining and the comfort. It is easy to do and there is no reason to.