Fashmates Is The New Polyvore

Fashmates is a women's wear shop, which is a replacement for the former women's wear shop called Polyvore as the company has been going through a rough patch and eventually has faced a terrible loss. Polyvore has had a great reputation among the customers. Now Fashmates has gained all the attention from the public. Due to the reason of Ssense acquired the erased the infamous application that is meant for fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle, some of the peers and old fans of Polyvore has united and created an app that is the new version of the Polyvore.

Upon the creation of the app, it has got thousands of subscriber invitation on the first day of the app's existence. As Polyvore has got a tremendous audience, it never failed to attract and allure its customers with its quality of the products. Many of the items and accessories sold by Polyvore were rich in quality and appearance. But Fashmates has got no less than Polyvore, which makes Fashmates as other option for Polyvore. But now the new company Ssense that bought Polyvore has announced that it would remove all user profiles that had been in use previously.

Fashmates has got a lot of accessories and dresses for women, most of them are very modern and par with the quality and the design of the previous company Polyvore. So, Fashmates doesn't face any problem with alluring the customers, as many of the customers and subscribers of the previous enterprise Polyvore are craving to have a business and services like Polyvore. Fashmates has been erected from the ashes of the Polyvore, whose sales have gone wrong. But it has created a vibe among the décor-oriented people by creating a unique community of fashion and design that are totally original and creative products.

As a result of the soft-launch, the very next day Fashmates has gained the customer's support with thousands of customers and subscribers seeking to acquire an invite within a few hours right after the launch. And it is has got sites to create sets like Polyvore that is used to choose the accessories matching the dresses. As the member population keeps increasing, they are planning to begin to widen the community in order to market and reach their products to the audience as well as to hike the sales. This new destination has got a lot to offer its customers as they are working tirelessly to make sure that the customers are a family to them.